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Rainy Aš for Spěšná and Škartnitzla


The 3rd race of the XCO AC Heating cup UCI series took place in the westernmost place of our republic.

It's been exactly 12 years since the Czech Cup was raced under the lookout tower on Vrch Háj in Aš, Filip Eberl and Milan Spěšný won that time, Lukáš Vlach (today the organizer of the NMNM) also competed for the Open.

And last weekend, after 12 long years, the race under UCI category C3 regulations returned here.

The organizers, Adamová Stašek and Marek, have prepared the maximum of real biking here, as the older generations from earlier times know it. Adam Stašek took over the scepter from his father Václav, who organized the aforementioned Czech Cup here. As a warm-up, the boys already had a hobby last year as part of the AC Heating cup, this year they are already strict with all the rules.

Truly incredible possibilities are offered by hill Vrch Háj, which rises above the entire city and the dominant feature is the lookout tower at the top.

There is nothing missing in the sports complex itself for a big race: huge parking areas, a camping area with electricity, area lighting, showers and toilets, a pub with refreshments, children's playground, inline track, climbing wall and much more...

Saturday belonged to Cadets, Open, Juniors and Elite.

The organizers were very pleased with the participation of the Australian national team, when Harry Doye won again in the juniors. The first Czech was Jan Lehký from Bike Team Stupno in 3rd place.


The junior category was dominated by the duo from the Rouvy Specialized formation Bořánková and Pulkrabová.

In the women's elite, Simona Spěšná (Superior) left nothing to chance, who in extremely muddy and slippery conditions pulled away from her rivals immediately from the start and on her Superior literally flew through the difficult technical sections at ease and thus earned herself additional UCI prize points.

With a loss of 7 minutes, the local biker Kateřina Uhmanová finished for the silver, followed by the bronze for Blanka Vaněčková.

At 4:00 p.m., the Elite men lined up for the start.

Very, very heavy rain poured over the area and the track itself since Friday.

Jan Škarnitzl went on a solo ride with his diesel pace and held on to the finish ahead of the second Jan Rajchart and the third Australian Jack Ward.

In the evening, the documentary TEN CO SLAVÍ KAZDÝ DEN was shown in the pub on the premises, about one of the best Czech gravity riders and pioneer: Michal Marošim, and it was packed, drinking, sitting, chatting... 🙂

Sunday was once again marked by heavy rain and also children's categories.

"I would like to thank my partner Adam Marek, our families and the entire organizing team, they all got involved.

We also thank the partners who stood behind us and made it possible to realize such an event: the City of Aš, the Aš Forests and the Czech-Bavarian project financed by the European Union: Interreg Bayern-Czech Republic.

And finally, to you competitors and teams, for coming all the way to us in Aš.

Then again in a year?" thanked director Adam Stašek.

The next stop of the series will also be a racing newcomer in the Czech Republic, and that's it Ústí nad Labem, race category C3.

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