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Raben WARM UP zone


Kick it off in a big way! And straight from the truck...

Raben - we are very happy to introduce a new partner who will accompany us LOGISTICALLY throughout the entire series.

And competitors, to welcome you, Raben brings you a beautiful, technical, unforgettable surprise...

Is it okay to send one pallet or the whole truck?

Raben Logistics Czech offers comprehensive tailor-made logistics services for small, medium and large enterprises and all industries.

It provides services in the field of domestic and international transport, contract logistics, truckload and combined transport, fresh food logistics as well as air and sea transport. An integral part of the offer is a wide range of value-added services and comprehensive customs services.

And what's the surprise?

Where it is technically possible, you can expect a huge Raben WARM UP zone.

Imagine a big truck at the start that has one side collapsed and inside the truck there will be a place for the racers to warm up before the start.

As part of the line-up for the start, we estimate that the head referee will free up this space for the first TOP 6 riders from the start list, and they will have the comfort of a beautiful view and a roof over their heads, whether it rains, snows or shines brightly.

Until the last moment before the start, the paper favorites will be able to start on the rollers in close proximity to the starting gate.

And the fans will be excited, because they will see you in your full beauty as you concentrate and prepare for the start.

Already in Stupno, at the first race of the series, there will be a Raben WARM UP zone.

And Stupno is a sweatheart, because just 10 km away in Rokycany, Raben has DEPO with an area of 6,000 m2, with 56 ramps. DEPO is a key transport hub between Germany and Eastern Europe.

So what do you think? Will you start it with us in big way?

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