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Invitation to the 3rd race in Aš - Velká cena Smrčin

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Velká cena Smrčin, UCI XCO race C3 – this is the name of the third race of the AC Heating Cup series.

Already this weekend 1-2 June 2024, the next UCI race of the series will take place on Vrch Háj in Aš, where, among other things, the Czech Cup has historically been held (the last time was in 2011). A large participation of competitors from neighboring Germany is expected.

A very technical-natural course is prepared, full of trails, roots, but also unprecedented artificial wooden obstacles. The Vrch Háj hill itself is a very popular location for all bikers – XCO, endurists and trail riders.

"After last year's run-in year, I am very much looking forward to the stop in Aš. The organizers Adam Stašek and Adam Marek really took it! The technical background and possibilities of the sports complex itself are unreal. It has a caravan camp with hookups, a restaurant and also sanitary facilities. In addition, asphalted in-line tracks, tennis courts and more...that's exactly the kind of background we're looking for for quality races! I'm glad the guys have picked up the gauntlet - to have a UCI race, it will be great. And the track itself? This is 100% old school biker 😊 " said the director of the series - Ondřej Paur.

"We are glad that we managed to secure the organization for such a race. We are also aware of the requirements and responsibilities with the label "UCI" and will do our best for the satisfaction of the teams, competitors and fans.

Last year we surprised with a special ,,the wall of death“ (wooden wall-ride with a height of 4.5 m and a length of 8 m), this year we added a huge "Smrčiny Bridge" (wooden footbridge), which is at the crossing of the circuit and was therefore necessary. 😊

The track is already ready, it basically works all year round, as the majority of it is part of the entire trial center BIKECENTRUM SMRČINY.

Everything is marked with colored arrows, according to the technical guide.

We would like to thank for the support of the race to city Aš and also to company Ašské lesy s.r.o. for providing a unique background for competitors and trails of the Bike Center Smrčiny. co-financed by the European Union. Thank you all so much!" pointed out director of the race Adam Stašek.

The race run in the same mode as the Czech Cup.

An accompanying program is prepared:

  • Excellent catering
  • Dosty Coffee
  • EXPO booths
  • Evening CINEMA - screening of a documentary on the wall of death (this is an outdoor screening) about Michal Maroš as a pioneer of the gravity discipline called "THE ONE WHO CELEBRATES EVERY DAY"
  • Afterparty - Saturday
  • Activities in the sports complex
  • Lookout tower on Vrch Háj with a view of Germany and the surrounding area



16:00 – 19:00 Race office
16:00 – 19:00 Open track for training
19:15 Meeting of team managers


07:50 – 18:00 Race office
08:00 – 08:50 Official training on the track
09:00 Cadets men + Open 19,30,40,50
11:00 Juniors men
12:30 Announcement of the morning section
12:30 – 13:45 Official training on the track
14:00 Women Elite + Juniors and Cadets women
16:00 Men ELITE
17:30 Announcement of the afternoon session
17:30 – 18:30 Official training on the track
21:00 Screening of biker films


07:50 – 12:40 Race office
08:00 – 08:50 Official training on the track
09:00 Pupils men II
09:40 Pupils women II
10:15 Pupils men I
10:45 Pupils women I
11:15 Children´s scooters
11:30 Announcement of the morning section
11:45 Boys 9-10 years
12:00 Girls 9-10 years
12:15 Boys 7-8 years
12:16 Girls 7-8 years
12:30 Boys 6 years
12:30 Girls 6 years
12:40 Announcement of the afternoon session


Children 6 years - 450 m

Children 7-10 years - 1 300 m

Pupils I+II - 3 400 m

Cadets and older - 4 300 m

Technical guide:

Registration, parking and everything you need can be found on the race card .

Official race poster:

Pre-race reportage:

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