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We would like to thank all our partners for their support, without which would not be able to organize the races.


  • The most modern smart heat pump that reacts efficiently and early to weather changes
  • It will save thousands for your home


  • Our serial mobility partner
  • Thanks to "Klokan" we will bring the entire racetrack to another location
  • One of the largest sellers of brands: KIA, VW, Audi and Škoda in CZE


  • One of the largest companies for washing and cleaning textile material
  • Customers include hotels, spa companies and medical facilities
  • Is a service partner for:
  • A reliable partner in the field of complex logistics solutions
  • National and international road transport and storage
  • Full truckload and combined transportation
  • Direct connections from CZE to a number of European countries


  • Traditional Czech and most reliable bicycle cleaner
  • You can wash anywhere - it is BIO
  • CYKLOSTAR bike wash at each of our race
  • Czech manufacturer of sportswear
  • Perfect materials and even better fit, excellent communication
  • Czech brand of cycling accessories, mainly glasses and helmets
  • Italian sports nutrition, exclusive partner of the Tour de France and also of the AC Heating Cup 🙂
  • A reliable partner for everyone who creates – household, house, garden, travel
  • Kärcher Sedláček pressure washers are waiting for you in the washing zone
  • For all do-it-yourselfers – household, garden and cleaning
  • A reliable partner in the field of graphics and printing, advertising production
Ondřej CINK

Ondřej CINK

  • Olympian
  • World champion
  • Champion of Europe
  • Champion of CZE in XCO
  • Competitor of Tour de France 2017
Podpis Ondřej Cink
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