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Ladislav Růžička

Ladislav Růžička



Who are we, where did we find ourselves? 😊

Believe that we have been here with you for many years,, you just haven't noticed us much yet.


Maybe a little crazy, but we have a heart for THAT. We found each other, we are on the same page and we look forward to seeing you!

ahc team


We all grew up cycling, racing, racing. We have children who race, we go to races, we create in the cycling industry - we take photos, measure, realize, we have cycling associations-teams, some of us also sell bikes, service them, ... just a bike, a bike, a carousel 😊

In fact, we have known each other for years, we see each other and pass each other.


The entire production team was born in Stupno around Jaroslav Ryba and his Stupno Bike team in the homeland of our Olympian Ondřej Cink. 

And as the HORSKÁ KOLA STUPNO race grew from 2008, we grew with it and, above all, gathered experience for 16 years, valuable experience for which we are extremely grateful. 

In 2022, you gave us endless thanks and evaluations for, according to you, the "best champion of the republic" you have ever experienced, and that gave us a kick.


Doing one XCO race under the UCI with international participation is very demanding on overall production and marketing. We stand behind the Mountain Bike Cup of the Pilsen Region (operating since 2001) and we have decided to embark on another journey together with the selected organizers!

 On October 22, 2023, we met in Stupno for our first non-binding meeting of the organizers and baked everything in seven hours.

It should be ready, we hope you like it, see you at the races! 😊


Your #acheatingcup 

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