- Joy comes first

How we baked it


Where did we come from and when did it start?

The idea of a big "international UCI" series was already born in the head during the 2023 season, when the successful restart of the Pilsen Region Cup, which had 11 races, was successful!

Of course, for big races you need very capable organizers, that's priority No. 1. If you have skilled organizers with a nice track, a large-capacity background, the ability to ensure the event and, above all, you are attuned to the same wave of what you want to create, with what kind of handwriting, then it is actually "baked" and then it is only about the technical and communication details, which in our case it is 12,684 😊 

Of course what happens next is a great massacre! 

Overall concept, financing, complementing and finding the responsible rest of the production team: timekeeper, photographer, graphic designer, webmaster, manager...Furthermore, technical support, communication with the UCI, coordinated propositions, series website, visuals for the entire series, branding partners, technical production equipment for individual races ...and finding dates - that was the biggest chore.

Who wants to do races these days that require a lot of time and energy in this "special" time? At a time when all partner-sponsors are cautious, some inflation, interest rates have soared to Mars, and the overall business is still not in ideal shape...

Maybe to fools, but they must have a heart for THAT.

We found each other, we are tuned in, we are looking forward to you, to our first professional season with you. 

We all grew up cycling, racing, racing. We have children who race, we go to races, we create in the cycling industry - we photograph, measure, realize races in the summer, we have cycling associations-teams, some of us also sell bikes, service them, ... just a bike, a bike, a carousel 😊

In fact, we have known each other for years, we see each other and pass each other.

However, on October 22, 2023, we met in Stupno for our first informal meeting and baked everything in seven hours. Since then, we haven't stopped defacto until today - until the day this article is published. 

A grueling but beautiful Tour de Preparation, reporting - we are ready, we are starting! 



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